Welcome at website of StartNet s.r.o.

We are operating on information technology market since 1997. Since then, we collected many experiences that can make your life with information technology much easier, more efficient (even financially) and last but not least even more peaceful.


IT Services

In the area of IT services, we specialize at ensuring of smooth and reliable operation of information technology and at effecient utilization of information technology by users. That covers also:

  • business solution for pharmacy producers
  • registration system for elementary art schools
  • ensuring of smooth operation of information technology, both client stations (Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems) and servers (Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, IBM Lotus and Microsoft SharePoint applications etc.)
  • assistance and consultancy for usage of common office applications and even some less common applications
  • hotline for cases of emergencies related to information technology
  • consultancy in area of investments into information technology
  • supplies of consumable materials, hardware and software

Our standard rate is 2.000 CZK (excl. VAT) per hour.

Software Solutions

In the area of software solutions, we can offer you reliable and professional solution "tailored" exactly to your needs.

Selection from our realized projects:

  • solution for data digitalization, including validation of addresses, names, surnames etc.
  • solution for providing of SMS services (web application, SPPP client/server and more)
  • solution for monitoring of product prices on internet
  • solution for management of loyalty clubs and consumer contests
  • solution for CATI studios (including advanced questionnaire logic, verification of phone numbers and more)
  • solution for company administration, including specialized solution for management of ad devices
  • solution for management and printing of barcodes on specialized printers and on common printers
  • websites, web applications and more...

Our standard rate is 3.000 CZK (excl. VAT) per hour.

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool is our free of charge solution for sycnhronization of PostgreSQL database schemas.
StartNet Word Generator is our application for generation of random words, suitable when you need to come out with an original name of your product etc.